Sunday, March 29, 2009

A very accurate phishing scam with a fake paypal site:

Dear PayPal Member,

As part of our security measures, we regularly screen activity in the
PayPal system. During a recent screening, we noticed an issue
regarding your account.

For your protection, we have limited access to your account until
additional security measures can be completed. We apologize for any
inconvenience this may cause.

This might be due to either of the following reasons:

1. A recent change in your personal information (i.e. change of address,e-mail address). 2. An inability to accurately verify your selected option of payment
due to an internal error within our processors.

Please update and verify your information by checking the link below:
(if you can't open it just copy the link in your internet browser)

We thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. Please
understand that this is a security measure intended to help protect you and
your account. We apologize for any inconvenience.

PayPal Account Review Department

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hahaha this spammer wants to marry me. New spam messages have to innovate.

Lidija (23 yo) - Are you ready to Marry Me?

Hello! I am Liliana, 23yo,

I am looking for man to have a strong family.

Please let me know if you are ready :)))

my profile is here:

Note! New free service! check info at the site!

E-Mail Icon Generator for spammers

spammers wants our email accounts... with this icon generator about our e-mail account, spammers are in trouble.

Their bots can not read pics.

very useful if you are interested on put your email on some website.

E-Mail Icon Generator for spammers

Good sites to fight against spam

Spam Karma 2.3
- good plugin to automatically delete spam on your blog

Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email

- good information about spam.

spam news
- very easy to understand information.

There is a lot of blogs about spam. More sites on next days.

i hate spam that look fot enlarge my ...

Could The Sex & The City Girls Be Wrong About This?

No! In fact, they use the Rabbit Vibe to experience
the most exquisite pleasure and mind blowing explosive
orgasms time after time after time after.......

In fact the Rabbit Vibe feels so good, Charlotte decided she no
longer needed or wanted a man. Instead, she just
wanted to remain in orgasmic heaven, staying in her room
for days (did you see it...season 1 episode 9).

That is until Sarah Jessica Parker decided enough was
enough and an intervention was necessary. So, she burst
into her room and wrestled it away from Charlotte in a
very funny yet poignant moment.

Now, could it have the same effect on you? We definitely
think so (well, without the intervention part :). However,
there's only one way to find out for sure....

Charlotte's Favorite Bedroom Buddy


Plentiful Pleasures * PO Box 344 * New York, NY 10012

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Col. Salva Taha (Rtd)

Another scammer spam me:
Good Day,

I wish to introduce myself to you.I am Col.Salva Taha a top Sudanese Goverment official who opposed the war in Dafur in my country Sudan. Due to my oppostion to the war,the goverment of my country has been persecuting me.Consequently my wife,children and I managed to enter a red cross airplane that was evacuating foreigners and we are presently in Cape Town,South Africa. We wish to invest in properties in your country with your assistance and cooperation.If you are in a good position to help my
family, please send an email to the email address below indicating your desire to help my family invest the funds in your country and beyond.

I urgently await your email.

best regards.

God bless,

Col. Salva Taha (Rtd)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ohhh!!! they said my wife or girlfriend lies during love... HAHAHA ... these spammers are very funny.
Also,,, are relationed.

If your wife or girlfriend just lies there during love and you want more action, first ask yourself: Is she loglike outside of the bedroom? Because if she doesn't exercise, stretch, dance—anything—it's going to take some effort to bring out her inner bunny.

Before she can enjoy your body, she has to start enjoying her own. Invite her to go hiking, or buy her a gift certificate for yoga classes. Anything that will get her blood flowing is likely to liven up her sexual M.O. by raising her confidence in her body.

If she's already active yet carnally comatose, try to reconnect with her in a sensual way. Suggest taking a long, soapy shower together or trading full-body rubdowns in bed, and lavish her body with attention. Nothing softens a woman up or turns her on like a little pampering.

Want to mix it up more? Even if she's not into role-playing or video cameras, there are plenty of prudish props that can mimic kink. Grab a spatula and offer to treat her like an omelet. Use a spray bottle to spritz her down.

Countless household items have kinky potential. The trick is to plant the object within reach (or coax her into finding new uses for the kitchen, laundry room, toolshed ...) and make your decision to bring it into play appear totally spontaneous.

Nicole Beland
The Men's Health Girl Next Door

Handle with Care

Avoid these relationship mistakes for more

The Female Coregasm
Yes, it's true: Women can have great ending while working out

Demystify the coregasm

Monday, March 23, 2009

Feel like a star by wearing a Pearlmaster watch.

Enter at once

... feel like a dummy boy buying on this siste.. it is a scam site.

Friday, March 13, 2009

*Offer expires March 31, 2009.

As a valued Windows Live Hotmail customer, we hope you find this Windows Vista Ultimate offer valuable. If you would prefer to no longer receive promotional offers about Windows Vista Ultimate please click here.

For general information about how to manage your Communication Preferences with Microsoft please click here.

If you have questions about Microsoft privacy policies, please read our online Privacy Statement.

Opting out of Microsoft e-mail offers will not affect any newsletters you have requested nor restrict important customer communications concerning your Microsoft products.

This spam lies. It try to be a microsoft partner.


Hello, I liked your profile at once. From one part, your profile is not unusual, but I want to get acquainted with you very much. You are very interesting for me. I hope you understand. óan you send me e-mail? I give you my personal e-mail:, you can write me to there. Also we can send our photos to each other by means of it. I'll be glad to see more your photos. I shall wait news from you with impatience. Your new friend Elena.

Girls sending spam... or spam like girls

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another site with really cheap prices.. to cheap to be real. I dont trust on this site.
Dear friends
We are the Special Friendship International Trading Company. We mainly sell electrical product.such digital cameras, mobile phones, LCD TV, the Xbox, laptop computers, DV, such as the MP4, global positioning system, so on.all projects and a 12-month international warranty. If you want to buy things, please contact us freely, our company would like to offer more discounts and the best services for business cooperation with you / your company.any other concerns, you're welcome to visite our website: Please feel free to contact us:
E-mail :
Estimados amigos:
Somos la Amistad Especial compa?ía de comercio internacional. Nos venden principalmente eléctricos product.such cámaras digitales, teléfonos móviles, TV LCD, la Xbox, computadoras portátiles, DV, como el MP4, el sistema de posicionamiento global, por lo que on.all proyectos y un período de 12 meses de garantía internacional. Si quieres comprar cosas, póngase en contacto con nosotros libremente, nuestra empresa desea ofrecer más descuentos y los mejores servicios para la cooperación empresarial con usted o su company.any otras preocupaciones, le invitamos a visitar nuestra web: . Por favor, no dude en contactar con nosotros:
E-mail :

Pills from china... I don't trust on this site. It seems a scam.
well be breaking up aside them. Exhausted as they were, his rowers bent to their oars again, and
Via km gra $1. 2 Cia rd lias $2. 05
Nine hundred thousand six hundred and seventy-four dragons. Gold that could feed the hungry and him whipped. To the right of the bier knelt the Tyrells: the Lord of Highgarden, his hideous mother company of knights. Sansa was asleep on her feet by then, wanting only to crawl off to her bed, but

Flash Concepts Inc

Another job opportunity that is a scam. Good luck next time...
Hello Ma/Sir,
My name is Ray Woody,A representative of Flash Concepts Inc,This is an
awareness to let the public know that we have a vacancy position of a
mystery shopper in our company and we would like to know your interest in
working for Bridals consult Co.,Inc.As a mystery shopper you work and shop
together for pleasure and the pay is $400 weekly on Part time basis, you
only work 2-3hours twice in a week.
Kindly provide the below information for assessment and registration of the
Full Legal Name, Address, City, State, Zip code , Home and Cell # and Age
Ray Woody

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

One contact on my messenger list has a hole on her account and this scammer can send spam messages like this:
Hello friends
Let us introduce ourselves as a leading trading firm in beijing china.If you are a wholesaler or retailer of electronic products, so here is a right place for you at ≮≯ our company is specialized in handling the import and export of a wide range of electronic products with many versions.such as Laptops,Notebooks,TVs,HDTVs,Mobile Phone,GPS,Digital Cameras,Game console,and so on,our company has been in this line of business for many years and enjoys high international prestige.our products are of very good quality and our firm is always regarded by our customers as the most reliable one,now we are pleased to inform you that we have just marketed the new products.and if you order more,you can get 5% to 20% discounts and we offer dropshipping to our resellers.Wish you enjoy exploring experience on our website.we want to establish partner relationship with each of our clients.if you have any questions ,please don't hesitate to tell us .Look forward to doing happy business with you in the future.Address: Beijing , China
TEL: +86-015083417649
Site ≮≯
Mail: ≮≯
Msn: ≮≯

Saturday, March 7, 2009

elena from Cheboksary

beautioful scammer from Russia.. dont send money to this girl

Hello my dear stranger!
My name is Elena. I live in Russia in city Cheboksary.
My friends speak, that I very attractive, sociable, the girl, with fine sense of humour.
I very much like to prepare, and to walk on the nature. And than you are engaged you? It is very interesting to me.
I search for the man for creation of serious attitudes.

If I have liked you, write to me only to my personal e-mail:

And then I shall tell to you much about myself and also I shall send the new photos.
With impatience I shall wait for your answer.
Sincerely yours Elena.

Friday, March 6, 2009


I am a good guy. Luck is mine.
P O Box 1010 The Marina Offices,St Peters Yacht Basin
(Customer Services United Kingdom)


This is to inform you that you have been selected for a cash prize of(£500,000.00 pounds) held on 6the of March,2009 in London UK.The selection process was carried out through random selection in our computerized email selection system(ess).The UK ONLINE LOTTERY INTERNATIONAL is approved by the British Gambling Board.

To begin the processing of your prize Your winning cheque
shall be couriered to you by our affiliate courier agency who is solely responsible for the delivery of your winning cheque.

Winning Parameters:
TICKET NO: 8603775966738
REF NO: UK 200-26937
BATCH NO: 2007MJL-01

You are to contact the payment office with this information given below:

Name:Mr.Clintton Anderson
Tell: +44 702 404 2671
+44 702 409 9680

Claims Requirements:


Mrs.Elizabeth James.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Kent Aslan

another scammer that wants my money.
Hello Friend,

I hope my letter meets you in good health. I'm Kent A, a former employee with a certain security firm here in Istanbul-Turkey. I've contacted you due to your location as compared with one of our late Client's Assignment of Lien holder. I humbly request your swift co-operation in protecting the deceased client's interests and benefits he left with the firm before it is declared unserviceable and foreclosed. The management earlier issued a notice requesting the Prospective Beneficiary/Assignee to report for clearance of the deposit contract on or before May 25th 2009. My proposition to you is to kindly seek your consent to present you as the Grantee/Legal Lien Holder to the depositor so that the deposits can be secured and transferred to any safe location we agree upon. All legal documents to back up this process will be provided to you for official Notary purpose at your local Notary Office. Please note that all procedures will be executed under all legitimate process that will protect us from any breach of the local and international law.

I will further disclose more of the information to you on receipt of your positive response indicating your sincere interest.

Sincerely Yours
Kent A.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Hey cutie, saw you on match game, if u can msg me on ya.h.o.o at m.s.n(ho.tma!l) at BabyLia713..I'll be on for a while xoxox

More scammers with a sexy girl picture

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