Sunday, March 14, 2010


You cannot trust on an email scammer from Russia... Dont send any money.. only funny pics...
Hello my new friend!!!
Thanks you for a prompt reply!!!
You the married person whom age at you, you have children???
I very much hope, that this letter becomes the beginning of our big friendship!!!
You liked my photo???
Your electronic address, to me allowed in " Marriage Agency Albatross " my city which cooperates with sites of acquaintances.
For the certain payment of money to me electronic addresses of the foreign men, wishing to get acquainted with girls allowed.
I have written to several men, but you have answered me only!
Probably it is destiny?!
With the help of the Internet I try to find the partner in life as in real my life I do not have time for acquaintance.
And how for a long time you use the Internet for acquaintances????
I am interested in search foreign men as I do not like mentality of Russian men!!!
And you like mentality of your women?????
I was not outside the country, but I always would like to visit many countries of the world.
I think, that the true love does not know borders and consequently I done not frightened with distance between us!!!
Me interest only serious relations, therefore if our interests do not coincide, the request to not spend and my time simply!!!
I hope you interest serious relations!?
For me color of the person, and his religion is not important.
For me it is more more important, that the person was decent and fair.
For me the age and appearance of the person are not so important, for me the private world of the person is more important!!!
To me 30 or 60 years are not important for the person, I think that each person should be interesting that with him it was not boring, and age in it not a handicap.
It is interesting to know, and what for you it is more important?????
At me will fail to write to you frequently as I write to you from work, at home I have no access to the Internet.
I done not interested with a financial position of the man, but it does not mean, that the man should be the poor person, not capable support the family.
And you are capable to support the family????
In the future if our acquaintance will proceed, and we learn each other better, I would like to hear your voice by phone.
My telephone number on mobile phone is registered on firm of my father.
>From this number I cannot call in other countries and accept bells from other country, therefore in the future I could call to you from the payphone.
I very much would like to communicate with you with the help yahoo messanger, msn, skype, web-camera, but unfortunately on my computer these programs cannot be used, as the network manager has closed access to these programs.
I think, that the Internet does not give full representation about the person and consequently in the future if we shall like each other, I would like to visit you, to look at your life, to listen that about you your relatives, the friends familiar speak, and it is possible to remain with you for ever!!!
The last year I have received the passport for travel abroad, and now I can travel to any country of the world.
I can forgive much, but only not treachery and lie!
And you are capable to forgive treachery and lie????
I want at once you to warn, that I do not search for long correspondence!!!
I know, that on the Internet many false people and consequently in the future when we learn each other better, I shall send you a copy of the passport that you could be convinced of my reality.
And I also would glad, if you can send me your too. But only if you want it. well?
I hope you will not offend my requests, and you will understand me?!

Now it is a little about myself:

I from Russia, live in the village Kuzhener.
I was born March 5, year 1981, my growth of 169 centimeters, in family I the unique child.
I was not married, children at me are not present.
I have two higher educations, economic and legal.
I studied the English language at school and at universities.
I talk in English much better, than I write.
In 2006 my mum was lost in accident, and my father married in second time.
I the provided person, well enough earn for a life.
I work as the bookkeeper, in firm of the parents.
My working day begins from 9:00, comes to an end at 21:00, sometimes I remain for the night on work to prepare some documents for the new working day.
I have the own automobile.
My favourite actors Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Sheron Stone, Will Smitt, That Cruise, Bret Pitt, Bruce Uillis, Dzhulija Roberts, Richard Gere.
My favourite cartoon films it is Captain Nemo, Underwater friends, the Glacial age, Madagascar, Shrek.
My favourite music Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson, Sting, Madonna, Milen Farmer, Deep People, Gipsy Kings and many others....
Mine favourite kitchen Russian and Italian.
My hobby, collection of ancient coins, and also I write poems.
I very much like to sunbathe on a beach, to leave on picnic.
Sometimes I like to run on fresh air.
I love all seasons, but most of all I like Winter and Summer.
Sometimes I like to sit at home near a window, listening to noise of a rain.
I very trustful person and consequently many people use my trustfulness in the mercenary purposes: (
My favourite holiday Christmas, my favourite colors green, blue and pink.
I very much love animals, but unfortunately the I have no, as there is no time to look after them.
In the childhood I was fond of art gymnastics and consequently I have beautiful appearance.
I do not smoke a cigarette, alcohol I use in small dozes, I love red wine and cold champagne.
I about much still would like to write to you, but I am compelled to finish this letter, I should continue the work.
It would be desirable to trust, that you very good and decent person who has the big and kind heart!
Please tell to me more about the life, about the friends, about the family, about your work, about culture of your country, about your traditions.
It will be very interesting to me to know all this!
I hope you will interest my letter and you will answer me!

Please reply only to my personal e-mail: lipsstrombery @

With impatience I wait your answer, your new familiar of Russia!!!

How are you?
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Please forgive my e-mail, very sorry.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

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Thursday, March 11, 2010


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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

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Presidents and heads of state of Panama.
Per 1,000 inhabitants in 1981 to 9.
Marble Arch and Wellington Arch, at the north and south ends of Park Lane respectively, have royal connections, as do the Albert Memorial and Royal Albert Hall in Kensington.
Implement physical security management like closed circuit television for entry areas and restricted zones.
When the supernatural intrudes (as it often does), it does so in an emotionally fraught manner.
Most low-beam headlamps produce an asymmetrical beam focused for use on only one side of the road.
The Coat of Arms shows the three rivers Berkel, Haulingbach and Lilienbeck in silver on blue background.
The limits of a Green Revolution.
National Association for the Perpetuation and Preservation of Storytelling (NAPPS), now the National Storytelling Network and the International Storytelling Center.
Within Europe, when driving a vehicle with RH-traffic headlamps in a LH-traffic country or vice versa for a limited time (as for example on holiday or in transit), it is a legal requirement to adjust the headlamps temporarily so that the wrong-side hot spot of the beam does not dazzle oncoming drivers.
The Mayor may also wear a lace fall (neck piece) and cuffs.
Daughter of Gina, sister of Ruth, granddaughter of Malcolm and mother of Romeo.
The British Parliament is often referred to as the "Mother of Parliaments" (although this sobriquet was first applied to England itself by John Bright) [69] because it has been the model for most other parliamentary systems, and its Acts have created many other parliaments.
For the purposes of acoustic description they are generally considered sonorants, but in many languages they may develop from or into plosives.

Monday, March 1, 2010

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