Sunday, September 30, 2007

Vega Promotional Sys - VGPM

VGPM begins brewing for huge returns.

Vega Promotional Sys

Online subscription gaming is now billion dollar industry. One online
game pulled in over 471 Million in 2006 Watch VGPM grab a lion's share
of that market with a whole new line-up of subscriber games. Get on VGPM
Tuesday morning.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Asset Capital Group. Inc. - ACGU.PK

Rumor News: Tuesday Sept 25, 2007.

Asset Capital Group. Inc. (ACGU.PK) said to have focus upon locating and
investing in small, profitable enterprises with promising growth potential.

The Company intends to invest in companies in a wide range of categories,
including manufacturing, environmental clean-up, financial services and other

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

OTC: ONCO - Oncology Med. Inc

Rumo r N'e,w_s,:
On+colog'y M e_d*. I+n-c+. (OTC': O NCO) a Can,cer Trea-tm*ent S olu tions G*roup is s,a*i-d to h a+v e

exp*er,ienced o.v e_r a 1+000% i*ncre*ase in rev_enu,es f o'r t+h*e fi*scal 3*r d q uarter en ding J u_l.y+,

2 0'0.7 co+mpar-ed w.i*t h t.h,e pri'or y_e*a_r wh ile four'th q-uarter resu*lts f*o,r 2.0.0,7 a.r e on

t+rack to ex*ceed t,h,i's year,’s thi,rd quarte*r resul.ts.

O'N*C_O additi onal*ly pla+ns to incr.ea*se servic*e offer-in-gs whic+h a,r*e cur+re'ntly und,erwa y.

Don_’t w a_i-t f.o,r t,h-e n-e w-s to c-o m+e o_u,t a_n+d l.o_s,e t*h.e opport_unit+y to g*e*t in fr-ont of the

gen_eral i nvesti ng pub'lic. O_.ncology M_e d is in a m ultib,illion do*llar indu,,stry w-h-e'r.e

t*h*e_y a r e gai-ning marke+t sh,are rap,idly.

C+a_l-l y o'u r bro ker n-o+w f+o,r O+N.C*O*.

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Monday, September 3, 2007

News to molaski
With a larger p*enis you penetrate more sensitive areas of the woman

Dev neikov


Subscription gaming now billion dollar industry.

Vega Promotional Sys

Subscription gamers spend over 1 billion a year. Investors were excited
over World of Warcraft's 471 Million in 2006. Grabbing a lion's share of
that market is VGPM's goal with a new line-up of subscriber games. Get
all over VGPM first thing Tuesday.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

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