Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stitching INGKA Foundation

Scammers think an international mark improves efectivity's scam. They put the mark Ikea in the email.
Foundation's Officer,
Stitching INGKA Foundation,
Rome, Italy.

Dear Award Winner,

This Email is to inform you that you emerged a winner of the sum of Ђ2,500,000.00 Euro with the following numbers attached and Please endeavor to quote your Qualification numbers (N-222-6747, E-900-56) in all discussion, based on the random selection exercise of internet service providers(ISP) and millions of Super market cash invoices worldwide, you were selected among the lucky recipients to receive the award sum of Ђ2,000,000.00 (Two Million Euro) as charity donations/aid from the Stitching INGKA Foundation and the UNO in accordance with the enabling act of Parliament.

Note that, your email was selected from either the internet, or a Shop's cash invoice around your area in which you might have purchased something from Ikea Super Stores and it's a promotion to eradicate povarties around the world.

For further Information about your Cash Aid Donation,contact your Cash Aid Donation Officer with the following contact Address Below.
Executive Secretary,
Mr. Silvio Renato,
Tel: +39-327-134-5553
Fax: +39-1997-07073-4998
You will provide him with the following information:You are advised to call the Cash Aid Donation Officer for confirmation or provide the following information for processing the payment of your cash Aid award.

Telephone/Fax number:
Winning Reference Number:
Identification I D:

Congratulations !!!

Yours Faithfully,
Mrs.Michela Mazzoni
Lottery Coordinator.

Copyright © 2010 The Ikea Stores/Foundation National Cash Aid Donations Inc.

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