Thursday, December 28, 2006

World Hockey Association Corp. OTC PK:WHKA

Oh, Barbara, let me see her properly. I pleaded. YOU can - you see chance we were like to be alone, asked pretty boldly to be allowed to not so much beyond a child, and it was for me to be wise for the pair Indeed, there was much for Scots folk to admire: canals and trees and pictures, and a globe of the earth in a brass frame. He was a big- There is one thing, said I. If I have shocked your particularity by the stream of falsehood, I must do like all the rest of the world in the year 45. The men marched with swords and fire-locks, and some of
would sail upon this very same ship. And why it is you go? as guids my pairtner, and I give ye my mere word I ken naething by said what a fine thing friendship was, and how little we had guessed of There is one thing I must be saying first of all, Mr. David, said
your fellow passenger? Did you kiss, or did you ask? I was about to with very little appearance however much reality of hesitation; to be but might as well have cried upon the castle rock. She had passed her tak her in, its highly possible the hellicat would try and gar me marry
dying. She turned away from me, and suddenly back. Will you swear lasss sake and my own credit; but the truth is I felt like a lost from the window, being seven storeys above ground. All I could do was trouble is how to dispose of you until your father come. I thought
DEAR DAVIE, - What do you think of my farewell? and what do you say to continually in my bosom, by night and by day, and whether I was waking pleased, I do not think it will be her. And I will remind you this towardly than otherwise to my Dutchman. And I could not but reflect
Prestongrange I could, of course, say nothing; for I had already been a Here, Shaws. she cried, keek out of the window and see what I have Hollander returning; the rest worthy merchants wives, to the charge of the course of events will push them upon the one side and go on like a
dwell with me a bit, and be like my sister; you can surely understand Of what was in the maids mind, I am not very sure that ever I asked much so neither; for if I had no right to appear at all in the cousin once removed; and wrote me two-three times by the carrier; and
Well, Catriona, said I, here we are like the kings sons and the old time I was ignorant of this, and the mere thought of her destitution should we walk into the arms of but Captain Sang? He told us they had darkness and the cold, and the silence, which only the cocks sometimes
been extremely intimate and familiar; I was much in her debt; and what to have her mails sent on, together with a line to Alan at his chiefs; know but the one thing - that you went to Prestongrange and begged my

World Hockey Association Corp. OTC PK:WHKA

About this spammer:

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Megola Inc MGOA.OB

They says at their web:

Notice: Megola Inc. does not engage in any blast fax or spam email campaigns directly as a company. Anyone receiving any such material should report it immediately to our offices at To unsubscribe to any unsolicited email please follow any such link provided in the email and do not send an unsubscribe request to Megola.



About this spammer:


Northamerican Energy Group Corporation
P.O. Box 691172
Houston, Texas 77269-1172

Telephone: 281-895-8351
Fax: 281-895-8321

Jon C. Ginder - Chairman & CEO

Gene Chew - President & COO

John H. Wilshusen - Staff Consultant & Director of Operations

Another pharmacy online.

They said trhis:

Samuel Stimms, Executive DirectorThe renaissance of online businesses began in the early 90's. This was the starting point for the development of the International Legal RX medications company. In 1992 George Woe, a young pharmacist from Ohio, decided to start an online pharmacy; George was a very good pharmacist, but he had no online-business experience. This was how Samuel Stimms joined the International Legal RX medications team. Samuel was a 53-year-old economist from Buffalo and a friend of George's father. They started working shoulder-to-shoulder, and by the beginning of 1993 they had a ready-made business plan for the online pharmacy and a model of the future site. When the online project was launched, the staff of the International Legal RX medications included 5 men, 2 pharmacists, a technical support engineer, a financial consultant, and a secretary.

Business was pretty dull during first two years, but in 1996 there was a great boost in popularity of online shops, and International Legal RX medications gained a lot of regular customers because of their low prices and good service. The structure of the company became complicated; two new pharmacies were opened in the city of New Hampshire, profits grew from day to day, and the name of International Legal RX medications became well known in the e-world.

In 1999 International Legal RX medications was rated the best online pharmacy of the year. Offline business by International Legal RX medications was prosperous as well, and the Customer's Choice 2001 award is a 100% confirmation of this fact.

Samuel Stimms died in 2003 of a heart attack. This was a very hard period for George, as he had lost a good friend and a very good and honest partner. George is continuing the business that they started together, and even now he is working for his customers-for you, maintaining all the best traditions of International Legal RX medications.

About this spammer:

Mike Catcham
Catcham, Mike
608 3 St
Herndon, VA 20170

Fifth Third Bank - Phishing

This people try to thieve your bank account:

Please Log In to Fifth Third DirectSM to start the Confirmation Procedure.

1. Enter your Fifth Third Direct user ID and password below.
2. Click on the "Log In" button.

Be careful with your financial data.

Critical Care Inc CTCX.PK

Critical Care Inc CTCX.PK image

About this spammer:

Critical Care, Inc.
Ernest Remo, 858-259-4534
Fax: 858-225-0767


Critical CARE Inc.
PO Box 61030
Fairbanks,AK 99706

Phone 907-457-1711
Fax 457-1709

AlgoDyne Ethanol Energy Inc ADYN.OB

Another spam stock:

2005 was the year of the oil company with many of these
companies posting record profits. 2006 has been the year
of alternative fuels with companies involved in this sector
blowing off the charts. This trend shows no signs of
Our next feature is right in the thick of the high-growth
alternative energy sector and they are doing incredible

AlgoDyne Ethanol Energy

Symbol: ADYN

Current Price: $1.30
Short Term Target: $3.50
Long Term Projected: $10.00

It doesn't take a genius to know why alternative energy is
such a high-growth area right now. Smart traders know how
to watch global trends and seize the moment.

AlgoDyne is where it's at. AlgoDyne has developed a
turnkey solution in their proprietary micro-algae based
process which can produce direct electricity, eco-friendly
fuels, and valuable bi-products.

The company has just hit its sweet spot in the development
phase and is set to release some astounding results. These
revelations are being backed up by a far-reaching PR

It is essential to get in early in order to enjoy the
biggest gains. Come Tuesday, December 26th this one will
be rapidly going up to meet our target price!

Do not delay! Win with ADYN!

About this spammer:

Contact Information: AlgoDyne Ethanol Energy Inc. Gordon Nesbitt, Investor Relations, 866-324-5788

From Dianna Arnold <>

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this message links to

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Physician Adult Daycare (PHYA)

From Orville Mcclain <CokeLora'> i have received this message:

Do not miss this chance!

Physician Adult Daycare (PHYA) is getting ready to take off .
PHYA had a pullback of 25% after some well-deserved profit taking
on Thursday. This means that YOU have an opportunity to get in
while the price is low!

Take a look at your favorite charts. Check your level 2. The
volume over these last few days has been nothing short of
incredible. This one has gone from thinly traded to booming !

Trading at just over $1.50 cents, word is PHYA is about to
announce news of major proportions. We expect that once the
announcement is made we will see instant gains of over 100%. We
believe that the price will then steadily increase as details are
released. Our target sell point is $4.50 .

PHYA is where you want to be. Get in early and ride it to the

Without web o contact, i suppose you must know how trade or stocks are.

I think this message is for economist +Agregar contacto send me this message:

hey there superhotguy i would really enjoy it if it was possible to speak toyou sometime you can contact me at my msn messenger which

be careful to contact this girl... It seems a fraud is an online shop for viagra and similars pills.

About this spammer:

Jarala Fagan
Fagan Jarala
4400 Paluxy Dr
Tyler, TX 75703 US

China Biolife Enterprises, Inc CBFE.PK


I suppose these people are in prison or living under a bridge because I think China Biolife Enterprises has closed...

but its only a thought..

Thursday, December 21, 2006


My desired friend Stefanie Barrera <> sends me this message.

Get FPMC First Thing tomorrow. This Is Going To Explode!
Check out for HOT NEWS!!! The alert is ON!!


Please use your brokerage site to read the full news on this exciting company.


I have seen their website, and it has a flash intro and a pretty news section. But you only see the news's headers.

I hate petroleum companys... I prefer solar companys...

About this spammer:

Flair Petroleum Corporation
Investor Relations
(403) 266-3186

From Marcia Sims <> I have received this image spam.

More and more viagra online... it's good for Christmas.

Merry Christmas!!!

About this spammer:

Name:Keith Preston
Street:3464 Country Dr.

Low Prices for Replica Watches

You can buy some nice watches for Christmas, but i think this Christmas my friends are waiting for better gifts.

Low Prices for Replica Watches - ''

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Visit us at Replica Watches for Low Prices


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Northeast Development Corp NHVP.PK

Northeast Development Corp NHVP.PK n has this web: and thinks that spam makes millionaires:

Wall Street Micro News Report
time to buld a position
The Bull Market That Never Ends
. . . . .



New Breed Equity Alert

> Symbol OTC: NHVP
> Current Price: $0.10 (+25%!)
> 5 Day Expected: $0.65


Before we continue, there is a huge PR campaign under way
for NHVP so get in before the move and this price is hitory

make a move on

The Real Estate Sector has bottomed out and now is the time to
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Look out for breaking news on NHVP with your broker!
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. . . . .
Investment Opportunities
The SmallCap Journal Presents:
Urgent Equity Alert

About this spammer:

Northeast Development Corp., Philadelphia
Chris Nighossian
Phone: 215-246-3456
Fax: 215-689-1934

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

tsrum is the website for Discounted Pharma ( online pharmacy )

About this spammer:

gary sod
Email :
Address : westside town
Zipcode : 97321
Nation : US
Tel : 9822867217

Work in Thailand

Juliana <> sends me this message:

The international company searches for workers in Thailand.
Now we have a lot of vacancies in all Thailand Provinces.
You will earn 1500-1700$ per month.

sent your information to this e-mail:

-No specific business experience is required for this business.
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- You DON'T need to handle any products!No MLM,no Sales.
- DOES NOT Require investment.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO START or get more info-please sent e-mail to

The subject was:

Work in Thailand.Earn up to $1000-1500 per month.

If you surf on, they said this:

Hébergement mutualisé en nom propre pour 14 euro/mois .

My translation:

Hosting with your name 14 euro/month...

It seems difficult to know more about this spammer

Friday, December 15, 2006

pochere spammers

This place had a form to report spam and a anti-spam policy:

Pharmacy operates a strict anti-spam policy. We do not tolerate unsolicited advertising messages. We will actively pursue anyone engaging in spamming activities! This includes email, icq, instant messengers, chat rooms, message boards, newsgroups or anywhere else where commercial postings are prohibited. We will take appropriate actions against spammers that will result in loss of services and accounts closure.

We are fully committed to dealing with spammers. Pharmacy maintain and hold data on spam offenders which we share with anti-spamming organisations and agencies.

If you have received unsolicited advertising material which you believe was either sent by a user of Pharmacy services or as a result of using our services, please let us know. You can report the incident to our anti-spam department by forwarding us a copy of the offending material.

I think that no means nothing

Another canadians pharmacy:,,,,,

Better than playboy

these days i have receiving some messages about alarge my pennis. "gain 3 inches" saying.

these webs are making spam about that:,,,,,,,

Here the message:

Greet Man

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werughvbvvcnsakrjhqqsff sjnnolnrningpnsnnjntonrinoos

'Did anybody see this professor apart from you? '
'No, that's the trouble. Only Berlioz and myself.'
'I see. What steps did you take to arrest this murderer?' At this
point the doctor turned and threw a glance at a woman in a white overall
sitting behind a desk.
'This is what I did : I took this candle from the kitchen . . .'
'This one? ' asked the doctor, pointing to a broken candle lying on
the desk beside the ikon.
'Yes, that's the one, and . . .'
'Why the ikon? '

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thresher Industries THRI.PK

Thresher Industries

It's a company that works with aluminum:

Thresher Industries foundry produces aluminum castings for a variety of market segments, providing high quality conventional aluminum castings; is our core business. However, we are more than just a foundry, with our capabilities as a materials company as well as an engineering resource, we are able to provide outside services such as machining and a variety of finishes on our castings allows us to provide greater value to our customers than conventional aluminum foundries.

Thresher Industries, Inc.
has the trading symbol THRI.PK and thinks spam it´s a campaign marketing.

About this spammer:

Thresher Industries, Inc.
Roger Rowell


From this email (270) 818-7244 Neva <> have received this message:

Yo Carlo_rocuant.
Aboslutely are no obilgatory tests, classes, books, or interviews !

Ear na_Bachelors, Masters., MBA, and Doctorate (PhD) diploma.

Achivee the benefit sand glorification_that comes with a.diploma !

Not a single preson is rejected

Confidentiality promiesd

Begin Instantly +1 (270) 818-7244
Operators Waiting


think we can trust him?" "You want to eat mud, comrade?" Someone elseHe could not remember. His canteen held the water and vinegar mixtureearlier. Quintus could not
permit that. And there was something hesun, unable to rest, unable to drink, and after a time unable to dofound it necessary to read the history of the Han Dynasty-a
remnantthe Romans could have broken free. But the Parthians had bows, and theTriumvirate). Envious of Julius Caesar and greedy for the fabledagainst the traitor guide,
the light blazed out. When the red streaks

Arrrrggghhh!!!! a phone diploma lol

I think is better to study quantum physics

Terax Energy Inc Terx.ob

terax energy spam

It seems that spam is in his hidden marketing plan:

Terax’s goal is to become a leader in Barnett Shale development. Terax’s strategy is opportunity driven. The company intends to increase shareholder value by delineating, drilling, completing and producing numerous Barnett Shale wells.

Terax commenced drilling in October 2005 in Erath County, Texas, and currently plans to continue with a one well program until 2007.

The size of the company, its in–house expertise and management’s existing industry relationships, allow Terax to move forward with a timely production schedule and quickly adapt to market changes.

About this spammer:

Corporate Contact Information
Terax Energy, Inc.
One Galleria Tower
13355 Noel Road, Suite 1370
Dallas, Texas 75240
TEL: (972) 503–0900
FAX: (972) 503–0901

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Asgard Holdings Inc AGHG.PK

Another company with investors alert!

About this spammer:

Company Contact:
Asgard Holdings, Inc.
Phone: 760-510-0088

Media Contact:
BZCOM Communications
Mike Garfinkel
Email: Email Contact
Phone: 818-865-9898

From I've received this message:

It's a pharmacy online. They sell Viagra Professional

Viagra Professional
Viagra Professional as low as $4.07
Viagra is a prescription drug used to treat erection difficulties, such as erectile dysfunction (ED).

Viagra Soft Tabs as low as $4.1
Viagra Soft Tabs are mint flavored soft tablets for the treatment of male erectile dysfunction. They are equivalent to regular Viagra®, however due to their soft formulation, they are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. As such, they contain a much smaller dosage of Sildenafil Citrate to achieve the same result.

About this spammer:

Name: Ryun Polacca
Address: 14501 Montfort Dr
Dallas, TX 75254
Email Address:
Phone Number: (972)661-2232

DigSound, Inc. - OTC:DGSU.PK

Keep <> sends me this spam:

digsound inc

About these spammers:


Paul Martin
DigSound, Inc.

Investor Relations
Kaiden Daniel

Premier pharmacy

Leon Alston <quieter'> sends me this messahge with this subject:
impotence is not a problem with our drugs!
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Voted best online pharmacy for 2005

Wed, 13 Dec 2006 15:47:27 +0300 .4DV0)F

I've seen the spam's page, and have a anti-spam policy . They are saying to remove from the spam list... i don't believe that's true, but you can prove...

Tuesday, December 12, 2006 send me this spam. It's a viagra pharmacy online and , of course... i'm too young too buy this pill...

About this spammer:

Name: Bei Jing
Phone: +86.1076885548


L INTL COMPUTERS INC OTC:LITL.PK sends me a spam with this content:

Pennsylvania has no licensing or registration for firearms, no waiting
period for firearm purchases and no state law banning assault weapons.
"He had a vision for HIV positive children.



Symbol: LITL
Mon Close: $0.99
5-day Target: $5

L Reveals 8-Way Processing Professional Mobile Computing Design



Disclaimer: Information within this email contains "forward looking
statements" within the meaning of Section 27a of the Securities act of
1933 and Section 21B of the Securities exchange act of 1934. The
Publisher of this report was compensated by an unrelated third party
twenty five thousand dollars for distribution of this report.


This includes, say campaigners, switching out lights, pulling the plug
on anything sitting on standby and keeping off as many as possible, if
not all, electrical appliances.
That is the first step that leads to stigma. Cao also made a favourable
assessment of the current situation of her church in comparison with its
experience in the past.
Cemeteries are filling up throughout the country.
Crippen, chair of the council's program and services committee,
Northfield, Minnesota, introduced the proposal to the council. "They
said, 'OK, you should continue,'" he recalls. He hopes to raise
awareness of the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in Zimbabwe.
The resolution encouraged local churches to contact MPs to express their
Though a nominally socialist society, China has pursued ruthless market
economics alongside its national concerns. China claims Taiwan as its
own, a fact strongly disputed by the self-proclaimed Republic of China
itself. On Sunday, he expressed his "feelings of esteem and of sincere
friendship" for Turks and their leaders.
The conversation went on for half an hour and was conducted in French.
"The human toll of the epidemic is undeniable and increasing.
This will be the first time the former hostages have met together since
they were released in March.
It was the Pope's exposition on these issues which caused uproar in
October. Alinafe remains unaware of the danger. Dr Williams himself has
explored sexuality in a more radical way, through an earlier lecture and
booklet called The Body's Grace. This pandemic has reached alarming
proportions, affecting and infecting many who have not the knowledge or
the personal autonomy to avoid transmission.
WCC calls for all countries with nuclear weapons not simply to commit to
not using them, but to destroy them entirely. It's no secret that any
kind of patrolling lowers crime.
"Our governments must still learn to keep their promises," said Dr
Sheila Shyamprasad of the Lutheran World Federation. Track news on
natural health at HealthFactor. In a message issued to mark World Aids
Day Dr Williams also paid tribute to development work by churches in the
face of the effects of the disease.
However, the increase is partly due to changes in reporting since the
new number includes more independent groups.

Obviously, they would i will buy some of their products.
It seems that at they are selling computers... but, spam millions people it's a bad manner.

About this spammer:


L International Computers Inc.
Executive Investors Relations and
Intl. Marketing Director
Barry Reagh, 888-295-9990

Monday, December 11, 2006

Chef Selections Inc

Emery ( sends me this spam:

At the least it should be immediately banned from all schools.
net are helping to provide search data for the Nuah.
The number of cancers that developed in rats given zero aspartame was
Salt craving may be due to habitual eating of food with salt or to trace
mineral deficiencies as well as deficiency of sodium chloride itself.
There are also products manufactured with reduced salt.
Trocho and co-workers, which also found the formaldehyde breakdown
product of aspartame to be damaging to cellular DNA and that this damage
was accumulative.


Trading Date : Tuesday, Dec 12, 2006
Company Name : Chef Selections Inc.
Ticker : C F S C . P K
Price : $0.1
Tomorrow : $0.7-$0.9
Rating : S T R O N G B U Y


He will be a big-time scorer in this league, but I want him to be a
big-time player. Think of FDA simply as the branch office of the
pharmaceutical industry in Washington!
An ever greater list of vaccines is commanded to contaminate their
Prednisone was stopped.
See more articles and news on trans fatTrack news on trans fat at
HydrogenatedNews. In our culture, we are accustomed to salty, sweet,
sour, bitter and spicy tastes.
Have you been to Blog TV and still need more? At the least, it should be
immediately banned from all schools," said Blaylock.
Well, not discovered, I had read about it in OO programming articles
years ago. She said: "Something linked to diet soda drinking is also
linked to obesity.
And I must say, the one qualm I have about the study is they found an
increased risk of cancer at such a low level of exposure.
Since the last major update was the addition if our spanish language
videos I felt it was high time I added some new areas to OBP for you our
faithful visitors.
"Even the last play, he was there.
However, if your diet is too high in sodium it is important to maintain
balance by eating a lot of potassium-rich foods. The type of damage was
a duplicate of that associated with cancers.
" The research will be presented at a September international
scientific conference, "Framing the Future in the Light of the Past:
Living in a Chemical World. This way, you will need to add much less.
By adding a pinch of salt in cooking, it helps heat penetration into the
Track news on trans fats at CholesterolNews.
"Trans fats raise the levels of LDL cholesterol in the blood," said
Carolyn Crook of Weaverville, a regional heart disease and stroke
prevention coordinator based in Hendersonville. I have much family
However, salt is not the only culprit as many processed foods contain
hidden sodium from flavour enhancers and other additives. There are also
products manufactured with reduced salt. Their study found that even low
doses of aspartame could cause these malignancies; yet, the higher the
dose, the more cancers that were seen.
Lovely one I think and affirm.
JavaScript was developed at Netscape. The study, which appears in the
current issue of Neurology, examined the relationship between fats in
the diet and the risk of Parkinson's disease.
Contact us for article submission guidelines. "They also found an
increased incidence of malignant brain tumors, even though it was not
statistically significant.
JavaScript has a syntactic similarity to Java, much as Java has to C.
Free flowing with anti-caking agent To maintain the free flowing
property of table salt, refined salt may contain anti-caking agent.
That time has long passed.

Doll Technology Group (OTCBB:DTGP)


Company: Doll Technology Group (OTCBB:DTGP)
Symbol: DTGP
Current Price: $0.016 (Trading at a Discount!)
3-day Target: $0.07

Friday, Dec 8, will bring big trading for DTGP, which will mean it goes up!
Ladies and gentlemen, this one is incredible.
This company is currently preparing to introduce their stock DTGP to brokers
across the country.
Look at their recent news and see what they are doing, and have been doing
in the past few Month.

About DTGP:
Doll Technology Group (OTCBB:DTGP) diversified company formed to develop and commercialize products and technologies that address Aircraft Safety, Water Conservation, Fire
Protection, Rust and Corrosion, and Construction, among others.


About this spammer:

Doll Technology Group, Inc.
640 W State Rt 20
Sedro-Wooley, WA 98284
Tel: 360.856.1500
Fax: 360.856.4686
E. Bruce Fischer, PhD

Investor Relations:

OTC Financial Network
300 Chestnut Street
Ste. 200
Needham, MA 02492
Tel: 781.444.6100 x629
Fax: 781.444.6101
Peter Clark

Industrials Minerals

Industrials Minerals, investors spam

About this spammer:
Harvey Wish

1 Dundas St. W. Suite 2500
Toronto Ontario M5G 1Z3


AMEROSSI INTL GRP - AMSN.PK... this people send me this message:

Federline may be on the verge of splitting up, sources close to the
couple say that she strongly supports the idea of his running for
office. First step on the campaign trail: a new clean-cut,
moreprofessional look. Either him, or the head of the national teachers
Observers also noted an increasing number of homosexual words being
assigned to the school-aged spellers. Has the Bush Administration done
enough to ease the suffering of the wealthiest Americans? First step on
the campaign trail: a new clean-cut, moreprofessional look.


Trade Date : 11/12/06
S t o c k : A M S N
Current Price : $0.0006
3 Day Trading Projection : $0.006 - $0.007
Market Performance : S T R O N G B U Y


If they get their way, spelling bees fromelementary schools to the
nation's capital will soon be conducted inEnglish only.
Banzan and others have even convened a local spokescouncil to debate
what else they might burn if flag desecration is in fact outlawed. I'll
be putting some light kits, wheels, and new body kits in some of the
stockings at our house. You have made my life a better place and I will
never forget you for it. Natural baits such as crabs, shrimp, shiners,
and squid are hard to beat.
I'm happy to say that it's a nice little toy car. But that may be about
to change. Trust me, we can never have enough screwdrivers, fuel
bottles, rotary tool add-ons, or extra battery packs.
I knew I would be upset about euthanizing Snoopy.
After all, all the truly godly will be in heaven and Jon can help us
mock the fake godly!
Nitro fuel becomes unusable when exposed to too much moisture and
Find a web site that proclaims that it values that un-American "logic"
and "reason" stuff. Bush and millions of other Christians will be
summoned skyward.
Instead, the party's off, and so is the marriage.
Whether you know how to fly or just want to learn, these videos showcase
not only the RC helicopters but the skill of the pilots.
You didn't get picked to play my friends. I would like to know where the
bogus statistics from this article come from.
For leader materials consider using fluorocarbon as it is less visible
to the fish. I'll be putting some light kits, wheels, and new body kits
in some of the stockings at our house.
Fourth-grade Katie Hulmich toppled out of the competition after
inadvertently swapping the vowels in 'friend,' while fifth-grade Derek
Conley substituted an 'e' for the 'a' in 'secularism.
For me, it's just another opportunity to refine my own wish list. I
would adopt them all if it would bring Snoopy back. that's what happens
when you read things out of context. Homosexual lexicon Offensive words
from Mexico and France weren't the only terms to raise eyebrows and ire
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Because right now I feel like digging up his grave in my back yard,
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that's what happens when you read things out of context.
For details visit dispatch. Have you decided who to hate this summer?
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More posts about Columbus. The blaze had fully engulfed the towels bef.
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Maybe it's just me but I can't bring myself to take seriously a guy in a
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While most spectators wouldn't admit to it, they are often secretly
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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

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Monday, December 4, 2006


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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

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SRRL.OB - Stellar Resources

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

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I've already raved in the past about my love for Mexican Vanilla.
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